New start !


4 years ago, I planned a trip in Japan. One whole month in the Kansai, between Kyoto and Osaka from the 1st of April 2011 to the 29th, if I remember well. But sadly, because of the Sendai's Tsunami on the 11th of March, I cancelled the trip and never went in Japan...

But this year I finally decided to try once again. My mom really helps me, and because I didn't have any kind of job, boyfriend, etc. It is maybe the last chance I get to go in Japan for one whole year ! Yes, I am going in Japan for at least one whole year, using the well-known Working Holiday Visa.

I guess that I am quite the lucky one for being able to go like that, and have already plans in Japan. First I will land in Osaka and worked in a Guesthouse in Shinsaibashi in Osaka (it's near Namba station) For my work I earn my bed and the facilities in the Guesthouse but no meals. But, it's a part-time job, so I will be able to work at another part-time job to complete. Afterwards I would like to go to Tokyo, where I have some others friends, and because of one of my friends there I may and up staying at her place in Yokohama !!! But it's quite embarassing, I don't want to become a bother... So I will wait a little longer to make a choice. And for summer I planned to head to Hokkaidô, in Furano a Guesthouse/Cafe offer place for Helper from HelpX and it's sounds really good.

And I leave France the 12th of September, can't wait !!!

For those who can read French I have another blog about this trip : Expérience nippone.

Kuroko no Basket - Hair, name and color !?!

This is "Kuroko no Basket" main character...
(from left to right the name's character)
Murasakibara (紫原) / Kise (黄瀬) / Kagami (火神) / Kuroko (黒子) / Akashi (赤司) / Aomine (青峰) / Midorima (緑間)

And we will see, now, what really surprised me.
Did you speak Japanese ?
Do you know the name of color in Japanese ?
Let's see !

Now I will explain.
I start...
      Murasakibara, in which we read "murasaki"= which means 'purple'
      Kise, in which we read "ki"= which means 'yellow'
      Akashi, in which we read "aka"= which means 'red'
      Aomine, in which we read "ao"= which means 'blue'
      Midorima, in which we read "midorima"= which mean 'green'
      Taiga, in which we read "ka"= which means 'fire'
Why !
Why this one...
      Kuroko, in which we read "kuro"= which means 'black'

And now, look at the hair of each boy. Do you understand now why I don't understand the choice of Kuroko's hair color !
WTF ! Why Kuroko has not black hair ! Why his name is not Shiroko ? Yes "白子" whith the 白 which means white.
Okai, this is just my odd feelings toward Kuroko no Basket' a manga and anime that I keep enjoying reading and watching.


Retrousse tes manches - Daddy et les manchots

Hi !
I did not post for such a long time.
Well, I get to busy to do everythings... and one of my busy stuff is this :

Yes, I get in a music group !
A french one.
And I will not performing on stage with them because I am in charge of the sound !
We play dub and I put the effects on the drum's sound. And I check the mix during live too.
So it's really so much fun, and we are really motivated so please check this MV !
And if you like, and can, "like" the facebook official page :

Have a good day everyone !

[EN] AKG's concert in Paris - Report

Hello everyone !
I did not write for such a long time ! But I am back and I want to talk about the amazing concert I saw in Paris.
ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION made an European Tour and stopped by London, Paris and Cologne. I was able to go to their gigs in Paris. They played at the Bataclan the 2nd of June 2013.

With my friends we went to the Bataclan at 4PM, the door openned at 6PM and when we arrived many peoples were already there. Some of them were there from 1PM waiting for the best places. The doors openned and we decided to got upstair to have a better view of the stage. We found one of the best spot ! I was able to see the four member and stand to dance and clap without worries.

The concert started later than announced maybe around 7PM. I was surprised by the first song, I did not know this one : 新世紀のラブソング/Shinseiki no love song. But right after I get back on my feet with Magic Disk, even if I could not get the tittle back then.
This is the setlist :

  1. 新世紀のラブソング / Shinseiki no love song

  2. マジックディスク / Magic Disk

  3. 暗号のワルツ / ANgou no Waltz

  4. サイレン / Siren

  5. Re:Re:

  6. N.G.S.

  7. ワールド ワールド ワールド / World World World

  8. ノーネーム / No Name

  9. ナイトダイビング / Night Diving

  10. 月光 / Gekkou

  11. 十二進法の夕景 / Jyuuni Shinhou no Yukei

  12. 転がる岩、君に朝が降る / Korogaru Iwa kimi ni asa ga furu

  13. ブルートレイン / Blue Train

  14. 遥か彼方 / Haruka Kanata

  15. 羅針盤 / Compass

  16. ループ&ループ / Loop & Loop

  17. リライト / Rewrite

  18. 君という花 / Kimi to iu hana

Encore :

  1. ソラニン / Solanin

  2. アネモネの咲く春に /Anemone no saku haru ni

Encore 2 :

  1. それでは、また明日 / Soredewa, Mata Ashita

During the concert the band gave us their best. It was really amazing. They had such a good and beautiful energy that you can stop enjoy the show. The had "それでは、また明日 / Soredewa, Mata Ashita" at the very end ! The lights was not plan, they just sang it for us one more time. And which song ! I did not know about Naruto but just the PV is awesome and the song really great.

After the concert a read an interview about AKG and learned that before the concert Goto Masafumi, the leader and singer, was not sure about his voice. But he sang with all his hearth, and when I though back to the show it was impossible to know about his voice... I also learned about the magazine that they decided to publish, and what they though about the actual situation in Japan concerning the energy and the Tsunami. I was so impressed by what Goto Masafumi said that I felt sorry to have been so ignorant since this day...

But I guess that I am really happy to have been able to see them !
The concert was sold out and I know that some people could not see them in such good condition...

Poll #1917293 Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Asian Kung-Fu Generation and their Live

I went to see them in Japan.
I saw them in Europe (London/Paris/Cologne)
I wanted to see them, but could not...
Asian Kung-fu Generation ? I did not know them !
I will see them one day !

Your favorite song from AKG ?



After 3,5 months in Berlin my Internship will end this sunday !!!

1 ) I was not really active on LJ these last months... Well I checked the news but I really had not update my own LJ... But I prefer to work with wordpress to make post and other... So if you want to know how my Internship went you have to chek this Wordpress : Berlin, art and tango. You will see a lot of pictures of place in Berlin, of concert and performance where I worked, and place to dance tango.

2 ) The new drama/animation season has started ! I am following a lot of dramas/animations once again :
  1. Tonbi, with Sato Takeru
  2. Nakuna, Hara-chan!, with Nagase Tomoya and Maruyama Ryuhei
  3. Share House Koibito, with Ooizumi Yo
  4. Biblia Koshodou ni jiken techou, with AKIRA, Gouriki Ayama and Takahashi Katsumi
  5. Saikou no Rikon, with Eita, Gou Ayano, Maki Youko and Ono Machiko
  6. Shotenin Michiru no Mi no Uebanashi, with Toda Erika
  7. Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi, with Eita
  8. Karamazov no Kyoudai, with Ishihara Hayato, Saito Takumi and Hayashi Kento
  9. L et M, watashi ga anata wo aisuru riyuu, sono hoka no monogatari, with Sawajira Erika and Nakamura Aoi
  10. Roman, Bakumatsu Gijinden,
  11. Naruto,

3 ) And I am still fond of Argentin Tango ! So much that I keep hoping to start teaching next September... If my teacher agree I must be teaching beginners level in September once a month, and if the association where I dance agree too, I would like to start some extra class, as practices, during summer to gain confidence... I have work on an initiation programme, and other stuff about it too... Quite fond of !

4 ) On Youtube I started watching and listenning to good cover of song... Then I can't listen to the original, especially about One Direction... so I must share with you this cover, because they gave me smile when I needed it :

5 ) Then I have to start my dissertation as soon as possible. So if you know something about "women and tango" or "tango in film or book", please share it with me !

Berlin and Japan...


Long time with no post here...
Well I am managing three blog right now so I do not spend time to update this one :
  1.  http://tangoustes.org , website of our argentin tango association in Mâcon France
  2.  http://www.svetlanazehnder.wordpress.com , my portfolio as a student artist
  3.  http://www.svetlanainberlin2012.wordpress.com , my blog about my internship in Berlin

Many of my friends went in Japan this year... But I have my own plans to !
Yes I could not go to the semester but maybe... could I spend some holliday in April in Osaka ?! Why not..
I am ckecking my accompt and it seemes possible, if thing still going like this.
Let's hope !

I want to thanks lilly0 who wrote my request : A spark of love, a great fiction (in English) with Toda/Hina in main and a lot of friendship ! I was so happy to read it ! Thank you lilly0 !

If anyone is living in Berlin.. Let's meet up!

Have a good time everyone !
Best regards... von Berlin

Le pont et Berlin Tower


[FR] Drama de la saison Hiver 2012 - avis

Une saison plus intéressante que la saison dernière vient de commencer. Voici en gros ce que je pense des titres que finalement je vais suivre :

Ooku Arikoto : ABSOLUMENT à voir, cela se confirme avec le second épisode. Des acteurs qui sont absolument parfait, Koki a plus d'importance que ce à quoi je m'attendais.

Monstrers : je te confrime ça à la fin de mon épisode. Pour les 10 premières minutes, ça fait du bien de voir Pi qui change vraiment de registre qui nous fait rire, qui bouge qui a des expression faciales marquées etc. Puis y a Katori Shingo qui est aussi juste super...

Sugarless : Si tu as aimé CROWS ZERO, et bien tu vas adoré c'est juste un max de baston avec un héro super stupide et super pas doué qui veux devenir le BOSS de son lycée

TOKYO airport : c'est sympa mais faut aimé les avion... Une histoire d'amour nous permet d'avoir un fil conducteur entre les épisodes, cependant j'ai peur que ça s'essoufle. Les casting est prometteur avec Kaname Jun, Sato Kouji, etc.

Koukou nyuushi : Vraiment super prenant, le rythme et le scénario son excellent ! Une écriture dans le scénario réellement suprenante. Et des acteurs convaincants pour le moment. les éléments nous sont donné au compte goutte et on attend la suite avec impatience !

Kekkon Shinai : très prometteur avec "Chiaki SEMPAI !" J'attends la suite du déroulé avec impatience !!! J'attends de voir les liens qui vont se créer entre les protagonistes principaux.

Resident 5nin no Kenshuui : Avec Massu, Naka Riisa, Hayato Kento, etc. Peut avoir du potentiel dans l'esprit de "Code Blue"

Tokyo zenryoku shoujo : Assez marrant et très bon dans le rythme avec Miura Shuhei et Takei Emi. J'attends un peu plus la suite, va y  avoir du chamboulement au prochain ep. le number 3.

Perfect Blue : Encore une histoire de détective, avec un chien en prime (narrateur parfois) et une équipe composé que de femmes. Ça peut être interessant !

Priceless : N'a pas encore commencé, mais le combo Karina/Kimura est plsu que tentan !

Osozaki no himawari : Idem, toujours pas commencé mais Ikuta Toma et Kiritani Kenta sont deux acteurs ayant toute ma confiance !

Pour les retrouver sur MyDramalist cliquez sur les titres

Internship in Berlin, hajime yo !

Hi everyone,

How are you ?
I have write anything for a long time.

From Monday I will start an Internship in Berlin. I will work in a structure where artists working on the sound field are welcomed. Those artist can hold workshops, events and concerts. There I will :

  • Help with advertising, finding new promotional online archives.
  • Entering info already collected onto a website.
  • Working at the Door for events.
  • Learning to do audio engineering work.
  • Other administrative tasks.

If you want to follow my stay there I have created a blog : Berlin, art and tango

If you live in Berlin I will be happy to meet you there !

Jaa, bye bye !